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12 Essay Writing Tips for Students

12 Essay Writing Tips for Students

Essay writing is an art. Students can improve their essay writing skills with a little bit of practice and guidance. Are you a student in a college? If yes, then you unquestionably need essay writing tips to create an essay. Here are 12 essay writing tips for students that they can follow to develop a good essay:

Choosing the Topic: If the topic is assigned to the students by the teachers, then they have no choice; however, if they are free to choose a topic, then they should choose a topic in which they have interest.

Researching for Essay Topic: Researching skills can aid students to produce an essay that may either be a good one or bad one. If students discover too much information about the topic, then it means that the topic they have chosen is broad. If there is not enough information about the topic, then the topic is either new or too narrow. So, students should wisely conduct research to gather information about the topic.

Preparing an Essay Proposal: If students are writing an academic essay, then they may be asked to prepare an essay proposal. An essay proposal will help their teachers know from where they have collected the information for writing an essay.

Highlighting Research Notes: If students have collected a lot of information about the topic through research, then they must highlight the points that will help them prove their thesis statement.

Essay Planning: In this phase, students should highlight the most important points and sub-points. Students should decide what information they need to include first and order the pieces of information that they have gathered to support their thesis.

Preparing an Essay Outline: Students actually concentrate on developing an essay structure by preparing an essay outline. They should draw a diagram in an essay outline that shows how they have collected points and quotes to support their thesis statement. Students should be very cautious while they prepare an essay outline.

Writing the Introduction of an Essay: An introduction of an essay must be clear, and it should clearly mention the viewpoint of an author. An essential piece of information is a required part for the introduction of an essay. Students should come up with an introduction for an essay in simple words.

Writing the Body of an Essay: In the body of an essay, students should prove their main points one by one that should be followed by subpoints. Students will be utilizing pieces of evidence and examples in the body of an essay to prove their thesis statement.

 Writing the Conclusion of an Essay: Conclusion of an essay is the last chance for students to remind readers how important students’ findings are. Students should make their readers agree with their viewpoint by concluding an essay. They will also be required to rewrite the thesis statement in the conclusion of an essay.

 Proofreading an Essay: Proofreading phase is often ignored by students, so they end up to come up with an essay full of mistakes. Students should not proofread an essay themselves only, they must also ask a friend or parents to proofread an essay for them.

Checking Essay to Eliminate Plagiarism: Students must look for copied content if they have utilized in their essays, and paraphrase it if they want to tackle plagiarism. If students have copied quotes from others, then they should mention the name of their authors. Students can also utilize a plagiarism detection tool to successfully deal with plagiarism.

Ensure Your Essay is Formal: In most cases, an essay of students need to be formal. Therefore, they should avoid using colloquial expressions, contradictions, cliches, and abbreviations in their essays.

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