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Though in many parts of the world, co-education has been accepted as a viable mode of teaching, there are still many countries in the world where, it is disliked and thus not allowed. This is because of a conservative approach of the society due to which male and female are kept segregated in every walk of life.

Like any other system, co-education also has its advantages as well as drawbacks. In this article, we are going to deliberate pros and cons of co education system.


Creates respect for Gender Equality:

The most important advantage of the system is creation of a respectful attitude towards gender equality. Working in groups and teams with opposite sex, develops mutual respect and understanding that, all human beings are equal. Since gender discrimination is very common in many societies, co-education provides golden opportunity to overcome biases against this menace.

Respect for diversity:

Coeducation system enhances recognition and respect for the diversity. Students recognize that through accepting the norm of coexistence, their own growth is improved. In this system, both male and female students participate in various cultural, academic and sports activities, thus they overcome feeling of partiality. This system teaches how to respect each other being considerate. The students of both sexes recognize strength and weaknesses of each other and develop acceptability for people.

Removes communication barriers:

Usually, fear of opposite gender is very common especially in underdeveloped societies where, both sexes have been kept segregated for centuries. Both have hesitation and shyness which is easily overcome when they get educated in a both sexes environment and overcome their barriers of communication.

Promotes healthy competition:

 The Educational life is replete with challenges. Because of severe competition among students, for performing better, the pressure keeps on mounting. In case of opposite gender, the competition becomes even more severe, because of the egos involved and male chauvinistic aptitude. The co-education system however, is a very good way to improve interpersonal relationships with opposite sex and amend biased behavior and negative as Well  feelings.

Enhances self belief and self esteem:

Co education boosts the self esteem in an effective manner. Since schools and institutions having co education offer counseling and pay extra attention to the segments who consider themselves deprived and ignored, they help improving their persona and make them stronger to face the world in a more confident manner. The girls are usually more benefited through co-ed system because of confidence they gain while getting educated. If the school management adopts support and nurtures positive traits, they keep on growing without feeling intimidated.

Helps in future growth:

The co- education provides great advantage to both the sexes in terms of preparing them for the survival and growth in future. It helps them playing a vital role to prepare for tackling social relations in career obligations in more confident manner. Whether it is marriage or office work, teamwork is essential for success in both. Co-education allows ample opportunities to both sexes, for working as a team and becoming an effective participant in groups. This produces positive traits in personality.

Increase social responsibility:

Researchers and experts have revealed through many studies, that children who get education in a co-educational atmosphere, become more civilized citizens than their counterparts, who attend a single sex school. Therefore, co-education plays vital role in developing positive traits like tolerance, mutual respect and dignity. The ethical behavior of the boys and girls improve a lot and it is observed their sense of dressing and use of language improves positively.

Let’s now deliberate on some of the disadvantages of co-education system.


Chances of distraction increase:

Teen-age is a very tender age which lacks maturity, at this age teens undergo many psychological and hormonal changes with greater attraction towards other sex. This is also a stage where students are in the process of selecting courses and programs leading to a good career path. It is therefore very important that both should not have any distractions at this stage because, it may disturb their pursuit of knowledge.

Unnecessary social pressures:

Many a times, it is observed that co-education system enhances peer pressure unnecessarily, because boys do not want to hurt their egos by getting failure in competition with female students. This is male chauvinism and is more prevalent in societies having low literacy rates.

Unethical activities:

Co-education might lead to unethical behavior in certain cases, where mismatch occurs between opposite sexes and some fierce and violent person might take advantage of this situation by creating intimidation, stress and physical harassment to opposite sex (usually women). Christopher Anderson is an educationist by profession, who has served as Student’s affairs officer in a community school at Birmingham for almost a decade. As a free-lance as Well he contributes articles on educational policy, digital literacy and innovative educational technologies.

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